How the design is created:


of the client's needs

It is based on detailed consultations over a coffee or tea. Based on such insights, 2-3 mood board versions are prepared (i.e. colors, preliminary materials of interior furnishings), which are presented at the next meeting.


2.Site survey

Site survey of a given space, including photographic documentation or work on a provided projection.


3.Functional layout
and arrangement

Presentation of 2-3 versions of the functional layout of the projection space (showing the arrangement of furniture and equipment). It is also an ideal moment to introduce partitions shifts and any changes in interior arrangement at the client’s request.


4. Design concept

Moving to design works (projections, wall views, custom-made furniture designs, lighting drawings, preliminary visualizations with possible corrections, a list of elements used in the project along with their valuation).


5. Technical design

Handing over the target photorealistic visualizations, cost estimate and all technical drawings in 1:50, 1:25 scales in the form of a folder.


in design implementation

Ordering all materials, i.e. lighting, furniture, materials etc. Assistance in finding a company offering specialized or less frequently used materials. Site visits in the form of supervision.

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